Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Technical FAQ page.

If you cannot find what you are looking for here, there is a more detailed FAQ section under each of the sectors. Alternatively you can contact us to discuss your query.


What are our warranties?

We offer industry leading warranties and treat the long term care of our customers very seriously. If, in the unlikely event of a problem, we provide industry leading service. See our warranties page.

How much will a window cost?

Due to the wide range of products and options it is not possible to give a meaningful cost. For us to provide you with a cost all we require are drawings (or a photograph) or a schedule with the products you require and their dimensions. You can then provide any additional information regarding options to allow our first quote to be as accurate as possible.


What paint colours are available?

We have a range of standard paint colours in both opaque and translucent finishes. We are also able to offer a huge range of special colours, which can be mixed to a RAL or NCS colour.

Do we offer clear finished?

Modern coatings offer complex UV light filtering which protects both the paint system and the timber. We have a clear coat system which comes with a 1 year warranty. The exterior will require maintenance. If a clear finish is required we recommend considering having a clear coat on the inside and a pigmented coat on the outside.


What timbers do we use?

We offer a wide range of timbers as follows. Softwood: Pine, Hardwood: Red Meranti, Sapele, and Oak

Should I use hardwood?

If you are considering a translucent finish hardwood will offer a more natural depth of colour. We normally supply hardwood timber cills because they are the most exposed part of the window. All the timber we use will provide decades of good service.

Lead Times:

What are our current lead times?

Our standard lead time is 6 weeks from order confirmation of drawings and specification and deposit payment.

How long is my technical documentation preparation going to take?

We aim to have drawings/technical documentation prepared out up to a week of receiving the order.

What should I do when I receive my drawings?

Check through them to make sure that the general style is what you are looking for and check things like hardware and colour options. In addition, we send out a cover letter with specific questions that we need to understand and points that we think you may want to consider.

How long will my items take to manufacture?

In general for standard items we aim to have lead times of 4-5 weeks, for more bespoke profiles, some types of ironmongery finishes and items like pivot windows and sliding/folding doors manufacturing times can be up to 6-8 weeks.


What is meant by astragal bars?

An astragal bar is a term for a glazing bar that is planted on to a piece of glass giving the impression of smaller pieces of glass. This is opposed to a glazing bar which does actually require smaller individual glazing units. An astragal bar gives a very good aesthetic replication of original narrow glazing bars, but it gives much better thermal performance.


What is meant by constructional bars?

A bar is a term for a glazing bar that is a part of window frame that divides window pane into smaller pieces of glass. In other words it’s a smaller individual glazing units on the window pane.

What is meant by an external cill extension?

A cill extension allows the bottom of the frame (the cill) to be extended on the outside of the window to overhang the brickwork providing a drip to stop water running down the wall. Windows are either fitted onto a separate cill (often made of stone) or require a cill extension to provide this function.

What is meant by internal cill/nosing extension?

A cill side extension allows the bottom of the frame (the cill) to be extended past the side of the frame. This feature is common in many buildings and allows original windows to be replaced without needing to make good any brickwork.

What is meant by fully finished/pre-finished?

Fully finished refers to the window being supplied, painted and glazed. Until recently common practice has seen timber windows and doors being supplied without glass and paint and it has been the responsibility of the builder / project manager to arrange for the windows to be painted and glazed. This practice causes a lot of problems as the work is usually done with substandard materials in substandard conditions. All of our windows are always supplied as fully finished.